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Viemi is founded in 2003 as a small production with 20 employees. The initial production was set up to produce corporate men's shirts, but very soon a decision was made to reorganize the company as a fashion production. In the period from 2003-2006, Viemi was producing high-end fashion garments for the Italian market. In this period the team grew to 60 employees and was organized into two production lines.

In 2007, the team management made a decision to come back to the corporate wear market and function as a mixed production with both fashion and corporate garments in 3 dedicated production lines. Ever since this kind of mixed production is part of our DNA and it is a key feature that distinguishes Viemi from the rest.

Almost 20 years later, our team of 200 individuals, organized in 9  departments and 5 highly sophisticated production lines, produces shirts, blouses, t-shirts, polo shirts, dresses, jackets, aprons, swimwear, and more.

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